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  FOX News    The Five    News/Business. A rotating ensemble of five FOX  
   personalities will discuss the current news stories of the day.  

    November 28, 2013
    2:00 - 3:01pm PST  

it's what you've got. show us what you've got, what you can do. it's a wide open country for opportunity for all. i'll eat turkey, be surrounded by my large american family. i'll give thankslike you. god bless everyone. >> hello everyone. happy thanksgiving. i'm kimberly with bob, dana, angela. this is the five. all right. happy turkey day everybody. we're thankful to have you with us tonight. we're thankful for our troops and so many other things on this unique american holiday. happy hanukkah to those celebrating. let's kick off with great interviews with college students and campus reform. we wanted to know what students know about thanksgiving. it wasn't pretty.
>> people from -- >> ireland -- >> traveled to north america on a boat called the -- >> oh? >> pilgrims landed on a spot called -- >> america. >> the pilgrims encountered thousands of -- >> indians. >> native americans were excellent -- >> arrow shooters. >> tepee makers. >> pilgrims were good at -- >> taking people's land. >> ouch. let's hope none of those are american history majors. might be a problem bringing grades home to parents. what do you think? >> not a surprise. young kids, amazing how little they pay attention. history is a subject young kids are into. my son loves it. a lot of people in the building
are into history. some do not pay attention. 1621 the first thanksgiving? >> i think so. why you look at me. it was around that time. it was in november. >> it wasn't in november. >> abraham lincoln dedicated the day. >> correct. i don't know what year it was. he decided it was going to be the fourth thursday in november. >> i love the story of the may flower. i always loved it and thought it was great. i'm not going to come down too hard on the kids. i hope they learn and love it like i did. >> american history is important. the principles of the country was founded on the unique history. shouldn't students and adults still remember it. >> i was teaching politics class
in new jersey. i brought my kids in high school. i said i want everyone here to name the presidents. my two kids had them exactly right. not one of the 25 in the graduate class could name more than 80%. it was amazing to me. not only that, they couldn't write. i think history is important. the history repeats itself. particularly in politics. study that. we talked last week about liberals are they dead? the cycles are cycles. the fact you don't know this is sad commentary. >> even parts that rnaren't gre about our history. sometimes we avoid it and don't want to get into history. bob, i agree with you. you're absolutely right. if we don't learn it, we're going to repeat the mistakes.
i think we realized we were pretty much in trouble when we learned that more people know about twerking than who joe biden is. i don't think current affairs now are permeating the kids. >> who wants to spend time learning current affairs? >> you would rather focus on twerking is in your after hours? you at least know who biden is. >> now to thanksgiving food. we're getting environmental activists and the government. washington post writer bob palmer is taking the time to urge us to take a look at what today's meal will have on the earth and our body. >> he writes this. one cup of delicious mouth watering mathed potatoes
releases 1.5 pounds and alcohol another significant contributor. if you're traveling fewer than ten mile, there's a chance you'll emit more carbon monoxide eating than driving to and from your meal. i think drive around the block a few times >> light up the barbecue. put lighter fluid on it. deep fry it. make the mashed potatoes. really? is there any significance to this whatsoever? any man made missions are responsible? >> you can't even eat turkeys anymore. >> i'm going to contribute 45 pounds of carbon monoxide when i eat after the show. >> thank god you don't drink. >> i'm strong on this. there's nothing as far as i can tell that's made or grown on a
farm that doesn't in some way or another have carbon monoxide. -- >> dioxide. >> there's nothing more tiresome than an environmentalist freak at your thanksgiving dinner. people eat everyday. it takes energy to make food. we should want more people to have food. one problem in america is hunger. around the world there's hunger. there's a lot to be said about letting people actually eat first then help solve environmental problems going forward. the last bit of the article it says that i have no desire to turn back the clock to 17th century life which strikes me as eld c cold, boring, sickly. why did you write the article in the first place? so we could talk about it on the five? >> so we could talk about it and
have our delicious thanksgiving meal. you should see this feast in front of us. what do they want us to do? not drive through mcdonald's. >> they want us not to eat. >> there's 15 -- >> you've had your eye on that leg. nobody will touch hit now. >> that's your leg share. >> here's what i don't understand. >> dana, let me borrow your napkin. >> 364 days of this year. the same environmentalists have been making the argument that cow flat lents is a big problem. i didn't come up with this. they believe this that it's blowing a hole in the end zone. >> that's the number one emitter. >> they're thinking about flat lents at their house. forget about cow. >> people that eat too much, they argue fat people contribute more to environmental destruction.
the the more food they consume, the more trucks on the road. under their opinion, we should all be anorexic. is that it? we should not eat? stay home, eat granola bars. >> here's the thing thousand. the government pushing this holiday recipe makeover so you're not supposed to eat anything canned, not supposed to have salty. don't eat anything awesome that tastes good. by the way, hello, how about the cranberry sauce. all that is amazing. >> remember we did that about organic food which i think is the most ridiculous concept in the world. free range turkeys. they'd be roaming all over the streets. chickens you can keep track of. turkeys are big animals. or a big bird. >> did you think about this all night? >> a man outside, his son shot
his first one. you know how hard it would be to hit with a bow and arrow? >> i want to hear about what your families are doing. >> we're all getting together at my mom's house. we're going to have extra friend, my younger brother's teacher greg is going to come. >> who else other friends? >> other friends. my brother, sister, brothers, nieces. my boyfriend, all going to be around the table. we include more people. it's more fun through the years. my dad and brother passed away. we have more people around and it helps. >> like a lot of americans i don't live near my family in order to travel there. we have established some of our own traditions. we're always the orphans at dish
table. i was reflecting about the past year. it's been a really good one. i'm very thankful for our show, certainly our health, and ability to have really good conversations and debates and still walk away friends and be able to come back and sit around this table everyday. i'm really thankful for it. >> this is our third thanksgiving show. >> mr. balding. we traditionally have thanksgiving at my house. my wife adrian cooks the turkey upside down. it was an accident the first year. it really works. this year we go to a restaurant. we have a big group of family. we're going to try the restaurant route. it's the first time ever to do that. >> trying to reduce your carbon footprint. >> they're going to walk to the restaurant. >> we're going to drive in separate cars. >> i'm going to my ex-wife's
house. my kids will be there. we're going to have a family dinner. i've done it two years in a row. they're very gracious. my ex-wife and her husband. my mother-in-law will be there. she's a nice lady. she loves you very much. she loves the five. we're going to gather around. now they've got a tradition to watch the five. >> very nice. >> you're going to bring delicious food. i like the nice mother-in-law plug. >> it's interesting bob, we both have a modern family situation. i'll again spend thanksgiving with my former in-laws. my son's grand parent, my ex-husband and his girlfriend. it will be nice. >> which one? >> there's only two. >> it's going to be nice. i appreciate you spending it with us too. when we come back, it's been an an newel tradition on the five. our turkeys of the year. who are they? our picks coming your way. and now my journey
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time now for the five's
third annual turkey of the year a ward. soon to be a tradition everyone looks forward to plenty to choose from in 2013. kimberly who did you pick? >> there were plenty to choose from. we came up with rob ford. this is a guy we've been talking about on the five for how many days? he seems to be quite entertained by his life. i know bob he's got a substance abuse issue, not to minimize thatn carrying on quite a bit. he's enjoying himself and having a great time. hopefully during this holiday season he gets help. >> he is a big turkey. >> if he's continuing substance abuse, he won't be eating. >> really? >> if he's doing blow, he won't be eating. >> some said how much crack or cocaine user is he? >> you'd think he would be a lot skinnier. or a lot fatter.
>> that's interesting. depending. >> we're scratching our heads. >> eric, you're next. i love that guy. his honesty, straight forwardness. i think they'll probably get over his -- >> illegal activity. >> president barack obama . come on, really? let's go on. my turkey of the year, kathleen sebelius. she's got the biggest fail in the america. probably a multibillion bet at that test of the american people. do we have sound to that? i'm going to try and download every movie ever made. you are going to try up for obama care. we'll see which happens first. how much have signed up thus far? >> fully enrolled i can't tell
you. >> you know what, it was funny in the first week. if she twor go back on john stewart show tomorrow, the day after thanksgiving, the same exact thing would probably happen. they're running out of time. >> andrea, you're next. you've got a good one. >> i was going to do irs. then i got nervous i would be audited. let's move on from them. i got my point across. continuing with the mayor theme. remember the san diego mayor that assaulted 12 women total? yes, it was a democrat. no women in california wanted to weigh in on that war on women. he was mr. -- what was it he said to women -- what kind of underpants are wearing? at least he's not the mayor anymore. we're not the ones that accused democrat of having a war on
women though. >> what war on women? >> i said don't discuss politics at thanksgiving. >> i have a group of people that as my turkey of the year. it is the twitter meanies. people that go on social media and exist simply to make fun of anybody else. from my personal experience, they always make fun of bob. there are some nice people. you get a lot of twitter abuse. >> i'm used to it. >> eric had the meanest one ever read. i got attacked by a group i won't name. >> meanies. >> that's a good one. >> the thing about them, they never use their nooiame or showo they are. >> they're cowards. >> i'm wondering if there's a
thing such as twitter karma? it will come back to get them for putting out that negativity. >> i get back with them saying was it your mother that married her brother or your father that married his sister? >> then they write bob back. why do you respond? they want you to see the nasty four letter word. hit delete or block. >> here's my advice. between thanksgiving and christmas, do yourself a favor. prove your karma and send everybody a nice tweet. you haven't done your turkey yet. >> i have two. i really feel strongly about this. turkey is a word that maybe -- my man teddy cruz has been a # life blood to me. i've had to sit here through obama care. thank you so much. even though you're a turkey, you've given me a lot.
rand paul, you're a smart guy, but you've got to learn not to borrow people's words. you've got good words yourself. i give credit to rand paul for one thing. he went to howard university, all you black university. very few republicans did it. >> he wasn't the turkey that day. >> that was the biggest turkey of the year? >> that was nice of you bob. >> they're going to give you a run for your money. >> i told you i endorsed teddy for president. >> did you have anyone on the runner up list? >> one personal associated with the five. i won't say who it was. >> wow. like at this table? >> god no. >> all right. >> what about kim kardashian? >> she's a waste of time. she's not a turkey, she's a dog. kanye east and that dumb south baby of theirs. whatever it is. come on. i'm not even sure it's their baby any way. >> bob is kidding.
>> justlike thanksgiving dinner with your family. >> with uncle bob. this is the next topic we're going to bring up which could be a heated one. is it okay to spy a little on your spouse? what about your kids? to snoop or not to snoop? that's the question we're going to ask when the five returns. okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you. i got this. no, i'll get it! no, let me get this. seriously. hey, let me get it. ah, uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call an allstate agent and get a quote now. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good.
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i'm doug in washington. here's a look at head lines now. it's a cold thanksgiving in much of the eastern half of the country. that didn't stop outdoor celebrations as much as the annual parade that featured jim lay land as grand marshal. for many, the main event is not around the dinner table but inside the store. black friday shopping starts
today at a dozen retailers. this is a big weekend for the president's health care plan as well. the website that's cause sod much the past two months is supposed to be upgraded this weekend. there are concerns about the accuracy of price estimates on the site. water cannons and tear gas was you used on unruly crowds today protesting permits for their demonstrations. i'm doug in washington. i'll see you at the top of the hour for special report. well snooping this year scandals from the nsa to doj. we want to ask if you think it's okay in certain circumstances. snooping on your kid or fishing around for info of your exes
online. going through e-mails and social media. let me start with this. kimberly you have a 6-year-old. >> he just turned seven. he doesn't have pass words yet. >> are you going to snoop on him? >> i hope so. i would feel very responsible if something were bad to happen and i was too much the hands off mom. i'm going to see how things go. >> what if a chick was you getting in touch with him on a regular basis? >> he's seven. i don't know. are younger girls more vulnerable than young per boys. >> i have two kids. thank god they don't snoop my e-mails and stuff. that would be much worse. >> that would you scar them for life. >> all this stuff makes us vulnerable. >> you put that following device in your kid's car.
>> that's because i wanted to know where you were. >> that's snooping. >> nothing like it at all. >> if i open up the computer and my son's facebook is in my face, i'll look at it and find out what's going on. probably something i should do but i don't. >> thinking about this, i think that kids need to make mistakes. you can't protect them from everything. that's part of growing up. you can make colossal mistakes online to follow you forever. i understand the parent's instinct to want to stop behavior or get in front of something if they can or prevent a crime. i think until your kid gives you a reason to spy on them, maybe they should be given a little privacy. >> parental probable cause. like something is going on. >> fourth amendment. >> no unreasonable
circumstances. >> did you -- first of all how do you feel about snooping on your kids and parents snooping? >> i don't have children. i haven't had to deal with that. snooping on the exes, i don't do that. once i'm done, i'm done. if you have a suspicion something is wrong it probably is. you better be careful when you go digging. you just might find something. >> so you don't go digging? >> no. >> i went digging in my 20s. i feel like that's when girls were big diggers. we would dig and google. you get older and just sort of let it go. >> good thing google didn't exist. >> what about googling and snooping on exes? >> i don't have the time. i've been married 17 years. i don't have any exes. >> i've got too many to snoop
on. they snoop on me. >> you put everything out there on the show everyday. >> kids would not tell you if they're being bullied online. i think you ought to tell your kids, i won't go snooping but if you're bullied, please tell me. >> how are they doing in extra school activities? so far the signs are good, but -- >> i love how you're getting away from the exes. >> i can't even get on my own facebook. i don't have time for that. too many. i don't like being snooped on. >> can i ask you a question -- did you go looking for your presents at christmas? >> yes. >> did everybody? >> i don't now, but i did, yes. >> you have to make a tiny slice in the wrapping paper.
you can usually figure it out from there. >> the final layer from this. your current partner's phone. off limits kimberly or on limits? >> want to take it first? >> i want no part of his phone. >> i really didn't snoop, but i saw a name and number come up. i thought it was something, and it wasn't. i got myself all worked up for nothing. that taught me an important lesson. i wasn't digging through it. girls' brains go crazy. you're like oh god, what does that mean? it was nothing. >> we have each other's pass words if i need them. i have his pass word, and he has my pass word. in fact he set up my pass word. i don't know if i would know how to do it. i don't have any reason to go on. i do know of instances where people have found something they didn't want to find either by accident or because they went snooping. then you have to ask yourself,
what's worse, the truth or the lie? it both hurts a lot. >> interesting. it is, right. >> which would you rather have? >> can i give you a story? we stole bob's phone once. >> i broke in with his birthday code. >> i said try this one. >> you guessed the code. >> i'm scarred for life by the images and contents. i've never seen bob move like that. >> i had the rose dress on. you crushed the roses. >> if i tried to snoop on my friend's phone, i'd need a nsa computer to get through. >> they try to snoop on mine. never leave your text message page open. that's a big mistake. >> or put a message on. >> i particularly enjoy the role playing that i'm the bad guy and you sit in the chair.
it's more fun. >> is it? >> you think so. >> you get everything you actually want or need. you can read them easily. >> we're going to leave it there. >> getting menu big skin. it wouldn't be thanksgiving without football. >> speaking of games, bob has been prepping for the winter olympics. you're going to see the champ in action getting ready for them. >> look at bob. is he doing yoga?
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i feel like i work for fox sports. thanksgiving is time for food, family, and football. the holiday would not feel right without touchdowns served with turkey. no shortage of games to watch. steelers up against the ravens. on the college side, texas
versus texas tech. let's make predictions here. eric, would you like to start? >> i'll start with nfl stuff. ravens are the much better team. at home they're probably unbelievable. the line three or so. >> what does that mean? >> play the wood, give three points and take the ravens. >> play the wood. >> ravens are going to win by more than five points. you'd lose your bet. >> ravens or steelers? >> oh, america is waiting for my prediction. >> america is watching right now. >> i'm going to have to go with the steelers. just to be different. >> the underdog. also because tony fratto is from there. he's my friend. i like people from baltimore or pa. >> ravens by a lunch. >> really? kimberly, what do you think? >> i went with the win aning
assessment. ravens by a field goal. my friend dana -- >> really? >> you lose big. >> i don't lose. >> i can't believe you know everything about gambling. i'm offended. >> bob is the expert at the table table. i'm going to put my bet behind the ravens. last year super bowl champs and they're really good. >> when the steelers win, i want everyone to give me appropriate credit next week. >> we will. i love college more than pro. texas at texas tech. famous johnny manziel on the field playing for texas. i'm going to say texas all the way. >> eric -- >> hold off on that. go with the alabama auburn game. that's not the full screen. this is the game of the year. it's number one alabama, a team
we followed for a long time. one of the best college football teams in history taking on auburn who has an ax to grind at auburn, alabama. i bet you auburn beats alabama. >> you have a bet. it's 10 1/2 points is the line. >> i know. give me the line. i take auburn. >> i think alabama -- if they win again, they ought to make them a pro team. >> you know what the line last week was alabama by 50. >> bob, auburn or alabama? >> roll tide or not? >> no, no, no. i'm for auburn. on the texas game, i'm going with texas tech. i think it will be an upset here. >> i'm going with manziel. we're for him. >> he's not on that team. >> i screwed it up. he's on texas tech. i'm going to get killed on twitter. >> don't be a twitter meany. >> i'm taking texas. >> i believe that somebody -- a team from texas is going to win.
>> way to go out on the ledge. >> i'm going with auburn on behalf of susan and robert gibbs, who people that i know that went there. that's how i make my choices. >> texas. >> okay. what about online gambling on november 26, the state of new jersey will begin online gambling like two other states including nevada and delaware. we're going to go to our gamling expert, robert beckle. just over the river. >> people talk about people who get hurt by gambling. people that are poor. that's true. the lotto and games that they can play locally. online gambling is a much bigger deal. i do online legally sort of. i'm allel for it. i hope new york will allow us to hook up to new jersey. >> you said nasty i think things
about new jersey. it's about time you said something nice. >> very much in favor of this for a long time. you know who's not in favor of this, the las vegas casinos. right now it's technically illegal unless you go around the rule like bob does. you're not doing anything illegal, they are. that's fine. vegas casinos say all that money you're not gambling going to vegas or atlantic city -- >> people are really freaked out by it. >> they're going to have to embrace it and offer deals going back and forth. there's opportunity for them both. they're also going oh. >> every sporting event you can imagine and you can go in there and bet. you ought to be able to do that. >> it's more fun to leave yocou,
put your pants on and go out and actually gamble. >> no. it. >> online gamling, something tells me you don't spend your friday nights at home doing it. >> the only gambling i do is having red wine and going online to shop. you never know what will come to your door. i got toothpaste one day. i was looking for the 2.8 ounce. >> up next. olympian want to be, bob beckle does this in new york city times square. you're not going to want to miss this ending. the suspender goes for the gold when the five returns. >> yeah. ♪ [ male announcer ] if we could see energy.
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looks like i'm laid out for my casket. the 2014 olympics. just 71 days away.
i didn't qualify to take part in the starting rounds. i qualified for the game at the rose event in new york times square. i had a good time. >> folks, this is bob beckel reporting for the five. we're here reporting on the road to sochi. you may wonder what sochi is. it is japanese seafood. it is also -- sochi is also in russia where they're going to hold this. >> you were the 1998 gold medal winner is that right? >> yes. >> are you going to sochi? >> yes. >> have you ever been? >> no. >> really?
it's a dump. st. petersburg is nice. >> how do you fit in there at the same time? >> how fast do those go? >> i've hit up to 90 miles per hour. >> what? >> yeah. >> are you on the team? >> i'm trying. i was on 2010. went to 2010 olympics. i'm trying for this one. we haven't started the qualifying process. >> were you on dancing with the stars? >> i was. >> did you win? >> they were haters on me. >> they're all rigged. those judges -- >> have you seen the five? >> i have. >> thank you, man. >> i feel like i'm in a hospital ward. it's hurling right? >> back to my drinking days. all right. fine. i bet you a buck. >> are you kidding me? watch my form. watch everything i do and you'll
be fine. i win. i'll break your faces. it was less dangerous when i took drugs. oh good idea. get out of the way. you're going to get killed. nothing but the best. are you kidding me? >> i was sore for days after that.
winter olympic, what's your favorite event eric? >> i guess i'm a skier and know how awesome you have to be. all the downhill events are amazing. incredible speeds. >> the figure skating. >> i like the figure skating. >> i like the couples ice skating. i like the summer olympics better. >> do they do gymnastics in summer? >> yes. >> what's your favorite? >> ice skating and skiing. >> like where the ones skiing with the gun strapped to their back. who ever thought of that? give me a break. one more thing. >> my nerves are already shot today. >> got ya.
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you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare it's time now for thanksgiving. there's always one of those at dinner table at thanksgiving. ours is bob beckle. we'll auction him off later. i want to give a special thank you and many blessings to troop, men and women faithfully serving overseas that we can enjoy our freedom, our families, friends, great food on this american
tradition. take a listen of troops wishing blessings to their families. >> i'm here in qatar. i want to give out a shout to my husband in enterprise, alabama. see you soon. i love you. happy thanksgiving. >> lieutenant colonel mike mcgregor here in afghanistan. want to send a shout out to my two sons. i miss you. love you. >> that's nice. heart felt thanks and gratitude to troops serving oversea that couldn't be here with our families. >> andrea. >> i didn't know what i was going to do. i pulled a picture of last year's thanksgiving, all of us around the table. there's my mom's dining room table. we're eating there again this year. we spend so much time complaining. uncle bob is coming over or i wish this was happening or we
don't have pumpkin pie or whatever the the situation. do me a favor. do yourself a favor. this thanksgiving, look around the table and tell everyone how much you love them. give them a big hug, be thankful. you never know when one year there's going to be an empty chair across from you. focus on that guys. a lot can happen in a year. i'm very grateful. >> very good advice. >> i have a good news story. i went to africa and visited the mercy ships. one of the kids we met here, his name was man newel. he's pictured here with his mom and dad. he saw this mercy ship. his little boy has been sick his whole life. the doctors at the mercy ship, dr. mark shrine took one look at him. they said he has a humor. he was the first to get surgery. here's dr. michelle white
throwing him up in the air afterwards. he's healthy, happhappy. people there deserve our thanks. >> those stories are amazing. >> one after another. >> that was a good one. you have to be thankful. i'm thankful for my wife, everyone at the table. make extra food and bring it to a police station. they have to work on holidays. soup kitchens and food pantries need your help. >> what were you saying to me? >> your turn. >> first of all i want to say thanks for my son and daughter, alex and mckenzie. the five biggest party cities in america to go to for the holidays are in order. new york, san francisco,
chicago, washington d.c., atlanta. kimberly's house. >> okay. we want to wish you a happy thanksgiving and happy hanukkah too. we'll see you back here tomorrow. special report is next. very little rest for the weary obama care programmer this is holiday. another day, another potential pitfall. this is special report. >> good evening. i'm doug in for bret baier. while president barack obama and his guest enjoy turkey, ham, stuffing, and a choice of nine pies, there are likely some pecking in the government basement toying over the obama care website that's supposed to be fixed, at least almost this weekend. white house correspondent wendell tells us it's a big job getting even bigger. >> as the pr